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About Quil

Quil Yoga and Fitness Apparel was founded by Mashka Wolfe.

My family and I came to the United States as refugees from Russia when I was five years old.

My family and I came to the United States as refugees from Russia when I was five years old.

My parents grew up in the Soviet Union, where it was illegal to have a business. They never learned in school how capitalism works, only that it was evil. I didn’t know it at the time, but that really affected their ability to make it in America.

As a first generation American kid, I was always fascinated by the idea of owning a business. But I was also an artist, and those two things seemed mutually exclusive for a long time.

I got a degree in Theater Arts and one in Photography. I was taught about art but not how to sell it. I moved back to Los Angeles and became an actress and model. I’ve been modeling for several years now, and I love the fashion industry. I’ve learned so much. When the pandemic hit, I realized that all the skills I’d learned over the years that I thought were random; photography, social media marketing, modeling, styling, web design, drawing; were actually perfect to start a clothing label with.

A Quil yoga and fitness apparel brand seemed perfect. I love fitness, and continued to work out during the pandemic. But I noticed that there weren’t any yoga sets that had matching face masks, so I made one. That one little idea became something bigger, and here is Quil Yoga and Fitness Apparel.

My activewear line is designed by me, and I'm still making improvements on it, so your feedback matters! The clothes are made in small batches and are all made in either SGS, SEDEX, or WRAP certified sweatshop-free environments.

I love music festivals. I wanted to create a yoga set that you could wear to a music festival and do yoga in the morning and then dance in it all night. Cool and comfortable are the name of the game. And shiny pants. What's better than shiny pants?

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